Staff Qualifications

Susan Welter
Director / Owner
Thirty years experience

Amberly Travis
Curriculum Spealist
Head Pre-K Teacher

Lindsey Welter
Pre-School Teacher
Three and Four Year Old

Megan Pearch
Infant/Toddler Teacher

All of the staff receive back ground checks, health cards, and CPR training. We also require several accredited hours in behavior guidance. We follow the Arkansas Early Childhood Education (AECE) Framework Handbook guide for early educators.

Mission of AECE:

"The mission of Early Childhood Education Programs, in collaboration with family and community, is to provide learning opportunities that promote learning opportunities that promote growth of the whole child. In recognition of individual uniqueness, programs should reflect attention to each child's pattern and timing of growth. A safe, nurturing, interactive environment is essential in order to maximize the potential and individuality of all children."

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