Registration and Tuition

All rates and fees are subject to change with a two weeks notice.

Enrollment fee: $35.00
School supply fee: $65.00 (annually)

The basic rate varies by age level and is listed below. Payment is due in advance on Friday afternoon for the following week.

12 months to 18 months: $125.00 weekly
18 months to 24 months: $120.00 weekly
24 - 36 months : $115.00 weekly
2 1/2 and up (fully potty trained): $110.00 weekly

$110.00 (Summer / all day)
$65.00 Before & After School - Conway
$60.00 Before & After School - Vilonia

*Note: All children that are not completely potty trained shall pay toddler rates until he/she is trained. If childcare is not received on Friday before the next week $5.00 shall be added to tuition rate on Monday afternoon. If you do not have tuition paid by the following Monday your child shall be removed from the roster. You will be responsible for $35.00 enrollment fee, balance, and the week's childcare to continue our program.

Standard Fees:
Enrollment Fee: $35.00 Non-refundable fee
School supply Fee: $65.00 August (annually) and/or date of enrollment
Late Tuition Fee: $10.00 (Must be paid by Tuesday)
Return Check Fee: $35.00
Late Fee: $2.00 for every minute per child after 6:00pm
After Ten (10) hour day $10.00 hourly (beginning 15 minutes after ten hours)

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