Our Philosophy

  1. To provide a Christian, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere where self-esteem is enhanced, independence is encouraged, and expectations are made clear.
  2. To provide an environment where children develop an active curiosity about the world in which they live and are enthusiastic about learning and creating.
  3. To promote spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.
  4. To promote a healthy lifestyle, social skills, and develop motor skills.
Behavior Management and Discipline Policy

Physical punishment is not administered to any child enrolled in our school.

Infant/Toddler: Time-out is not used for children under two years of age. We redirect the child and engage him or her in another activity. If the child's behavior places the other children at risk of harm, we use a brief separation from the group. The child remains under close supervision at ALL TIMES.

Children Two years and above: Behavior guidance is individualized and consistent for every child. It is appropriate to the child's level of understanding and directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control. We use "Time-Out," a method of placing a child in a designated chair or area away from the group for a maximum length of one minute per year of age, as a means of discipline after a warning has been given. We also use the following behavior guidance techniques:

  1. We look for appropriate behavior and reinforce the children with praise and encouragement when he/she is behaving well.
  2. We remind the children on a daily basis of the rules by using clear positive statements regarding how they are expected to behave rather than what they are not supposed to do.
  3. We attempt to ignore minor inappropriate behavior and concentrate on what the child is doing properly.
  4. We use "Time Out" and Redirection only when the child does not respond to a verbal command which instructs the child as to how he or she is supposed to behave.
  5. When a misbehaving child begins to behave appropriately, we encourage and praise small positive steps rather than waiting until the child has behaved for a long period of time.
  6. We attend to the children who are behaving appropriately and other children will follow their example in order to obtain our attention.
  7. We teach "self control." Child is taught to own their behavior and take the consequence for the choice made.

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