Our Curriculum

Our Center has taken pride in developing and implementing a thorough Standards-based Curriculum built upon the AR Educational Frameworks and Pre-K ELLA principles.

Our literacy program includes:

We make the most of daily Letter/Sound Identification, Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Journal Writing, Shared Writing, and/or Guided Writing segments.

In the Math portion of our program, we address: In Science we explore things like:

We also like to do experiments and encourage critical thinking skills.

Social Studies includes: Furthermore, our Curriculum includes:

We are definitely not all work and no play. We recognize that play is integral to the development of a well-rounded, well-adjusted child. Therefore, we offer a balance of free play as well as structured time each day. When this is added to the academic aspects of our Curriculum, it adds up to a comprehensive program in which we make every effort to accommodate the special needs of each individual child.

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